Our varied Suede Series

Discover Elegance in Every Fiber with our Suede Series, where tactile sophistication meets enduring quality. Elevate Your Designs with fabrics crafted to bring an unparalleled touch of softness to your next project. A blend of softness and durability, our Suede Series is tailored for home furnishings, apparel, and shoes.

Suede H-SD-116

Suede HY2134

Suede HY-SD-112

Suede HY-SD-168

Suede HY-SD-333

Suede HY-SD-334

Suede HY-SD-339

Suede HY-SD-340

Suede HY-SD-341

Suede HY-SD-348

Suede HY-SDC-155

Suede HY-SDC-183

Suede HY-SDC-185

Suede HY-SDC-189

Suede HY-SH0031